Do I have double bubble? (photos)

Im 5 days post op and notice that my right boob has a little bubble like swelling on the bottom. Im terrified that it might be double bubble. Is 5 days too soon to tell? In the picture there are creases because of the bra being so tight, but the more prominent one on the bottom is the one im talking about. My doctor also said i should wear a wired bra. 5'2 108lbs 400cc armpit insicion high profile silicone

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No double bubble

I see no evidence of double bubble in your photos although an examination would be required to really rule it out.  Just ask your surgeon at your next follow up visit. I don't think you are at risk for that complication because your anatomy is so favorable.  Your result looks excellent at this early stage.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Do I have a double bubble

Your front view looks fine and there is no convincing evidence of a double bubble.  Continue with your surgeons instructions and good bra support along with follow-ups with your surgeon to be sure you are healing appropriately.

Jonathan D. Kramer, MD
Meridian Plastic Surgeon
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Your frontal view

is excellent and you should follow your surgeon's instructions about supporting the to keep them that way.  As for the double bubble, your  photos do not show one and even if it was, its so minimal that no one will really appreciate it... and if they do, they don't deserve to be with you.  Your results look great!

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Early postoperative swelling - ? double bubble

Hi there. Thank you for the post. From the photos, there is no convincing evidence of a double bubble. If you are concerned, I would arrange to be seen your PS to be sure. Otherwise, all looks great for this stage.

William Townley, MD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon
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