How many diVa treatments are recommended?

For best results, are multiple treatments necessary?

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How many treatments are required?

Our practice recommends 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to ensure long lasting results. It is important to have a good history and physical exam with your treating physician before the treatment to assess overall health and function.

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How many treatments do I Need?

For best results, 3 treatments based 4-6 weeks apart is my recommendation for long term results. 

Number of diVa treatments recommended

The diVa technology is produced by the Sciton company.  During my consultation with patients I let them know that the manufacturer recommends three treatments one month apart.  It is then typically recommended that you have one treatment yearly.  However, there are women who achieve their desired results in less than three initial treatments.  It is always best that you meet in consultation with your treating physician so that they can obtain an in-depth history and do a physical exam.

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Diva Treatments

At our practice we recommend three treatments one month apart to give you lasting results.  Many patients say after one they notice great improvement, but to ensure the lasting results, studies, and the manufacturer suggest three.

Number of diVa Treatments

Yes, multiple treatments are needed. Three treatments spaced one month apart is recommended.

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