Dermatologist in Seattle Area Willing to Prescribe Accutane Mantinence Course?

I have taken multiple courses of accutane (and am now starting another one) and am growing tired of my cystic acne and the way it severely impacts my quality of life. I heard about accutane maintenance courses post-accutane (such as taking 2 40mg pills a week after accutane) to prevent acne relapse. Would any dermatologist in the Seattle area be willing to prescribe this for me after I finish this course so that I can finally start living me life?

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Maintenance courses of Accutane

I do this for some patients. The issue is that when you are a female, you 100% cannot become pregnant while taking Accutane - any dosage. So, this will be harder to deal with because you may still need to go into the office monthly to prove you aren't pregnant for the iPledge program, even though you won't be taking a daily dose. Yes, I've prescribed Accutane with maintenance programs, but it requires a lot on the part of the patient AND the doctor to be compliant and thorough.

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