Cost to get rid of extra columella? (Photos)

I've wanted to get surgery on my nose for quit some time and finally going to do something about it. I feel like my nose looks fine if I don't smile but once I smile the bottom of my nose turns into a triangle and looks really ugly. I like the rest of my nose and feel like everything else looks good besides the end. Also is there ushally payment plans or is this something you have to pay for all up front.

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Cost to get rid of extra columella? (Photos)

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Although it is hard to say in person, it appears that the tip of  your nose dips when you smile. This is due to the "depressor nasi septi" muscle. Some people have an active muscle other people don't. This can be treated in a rhinoplasty operation so that the nose doesn't do that when you smile. If, however, aside from that you are happy with your nose then an experienced Botox injector can use just a couple of units of Botox to weaken that muscle and it won't dip when you smile. It lasts 3 months but is much less expensive (less than $100) than a rhinoplasty ($6-13,000). Hope that helps!

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