Cost of Neograft

Has NeoGraft pricing gone up in 2014?

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Cost of Neograft

Cost depends on the surgeon, the number of grafts, difficulty of the case, etc.  I don't think there is really a set price.  It is possible whatever clinic you were interested in has raised their prices.  We typically charge $12 per graft for an FUE procedure.

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Neograft Cost

Thank you for your question. Neograft centers usually charge $7-$10 a graft. In our practice we charge $7.50 and that includes 3 PRP sessions. Every practice can slightly differ on pricing,
Best of luck in your endevors.

James Fernau, MD, FACS
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NeoGraft Pricing

Thank you for your question. As the market becomes more competitive, NeoGraft prices will rise, however, as the NeoGraft technology improves, prices will drop. I suggest you consider all factors in making your healthcare decision. Factors other than cost include surgeon education/experience, procedure results, procedure recovery time and procedure discomfort. Please consult with a board certified hair specialist physician to ensure you receive the highest quality results.

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NEO graft technique cost for the procedure

The cost for FUE technique depends on several factors.  One being the experience of the doctor and the location of the practice. But typically the cost ranges  between  6- 12 dollars.  

Michael Meshkin, MD
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Do prices for Neograft procedures go up every year?

Dear patient,

Thank you for writing in with your question. It looks like you're looking to choose a hair restoration surgeon. Obviously everyone wants to save money. But I would not start looking for savings with your face...the results from a hair restoration surgery are permanent, so choosing a surgeon on price alone is ill-advised.

There are several ways to choose a hair restoration surgeon, all of which are complementary to each other. Unfortunately, a physician offering hair restoration services in the USA requires literally zero hours of surgery training. No kidding. As such, the results are all over the map. Some are very good, and some are not so much. There are gynecologists who are closing up shop, purchasing an FUE device, and calling themselves hair restoration “experts” in this country. Makes about as much sense as a facial plastic surgeon closing up shop, getting a gynecology table, and calling himself a gynecology expert. Doesn’t work that way in real-life, but with hair restoration, that’s the reality if the situation.

The NeoGraft device was introduced about 5 years ago, and is simply a machine that a physician (or, more likely, a technician) uses to perform the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure. It is more or less a motorized, hand-held circular punch, attached to suction. NeoGraft has done a tremendous amount of marketing, and I see physicians who have never done a hair transplant around the country acquire this machine, piggyback on the marketing done by NeoGraft, and start to offer this complicated, and permanent procedure to the public. In much of the country, the doctor will simply hire a technician to perform the procedure. It should be noted at this point that hair restoration technicians have the same exact medical training requirements as grass cutters: absolutely none. The physician only need sign the papers and be on the premises. No joke. So, whether using the NeoGraft, or the much more advanced ARTAS robotic hair restoration system, or any other device, including a 50 cent 1mm biopsy punch, it is the experience and dedication of the surgeon and his team that will determine the outcome.

Hair Restoration is it's own specialty now. There's a global society (the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and a Board. Choosing a surgeon 100% dedicated to hair restoration is paramount. If "NeoGraft" suddenly appears on a long list of other procedures a physician offers, I would be wary, as it is unlikely that the physician has a full-time, highly-trained team of hair restoration technicians, and is just hiring one of many "hired gun" technicians that will arrive at the office, and do the procedure. There are hundreds of subtleties and nuances in hair restoration, and assuming that because a physician now offers NeoGraft, in addition to all the other procedures offered, will be competent and excel at hair restoration surgery is simply foolish. Look at the experience and dedication of the surgeon who will be performing the surgery, and make sure technicians are not actually the ones who will be performing the surgery. Also make sure the physician you choose is actually a trained surgeon. The majority of hair restoration "surgeons" are, in fact, not trained in surgery at all, and hold no board certificates in any surgical specialty whatsoever, so examine your physician's credentials carefully. You should feel perfectly comfortable asking for a copy of the surgeon's resume to review. Look for many years of dedication exclusively to hair restoration, not just cosmetic surgery in general.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS
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Hair transplant cost in MIchigan

In Michigan, the price range for all types of hair transplants is 3-8 per graft. FUE or Neograft procedures typically range from $5-8 dollars per graft.  This does depend on the number of grafts with smaller cases costing more per graft (under 1000 grafts).

Pramit Malhotra, MD
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$7 a graft

The rate is generally $7 a graft.  The price may range from experience of practice to # of grafts.

Tim Neavin, MD
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It varys

I am sure you can find a wide range of fees from $5 to 12 a graft.

Keep in mind that Neograft is only a tool that a doctor uses to perform the FUE surgery.

Your RESULTS will depend on the doctor, not the tool (not Neograft, not ARTAS, not SAFE, not FUE)

Jae Pak, MD
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The cost is $5 per graft/or per hair follicle starting at 750 grafts. The national average is anywhere between $5 and $7 per graft. We do require a minimum of 500 grafts be transplanted at any one time. 2000 grafts are equal to about the size of a music CD.       

David L. Robbins, MD, FACS
West Des Moines Plastic Surgeon
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It varies

Fees across the nation and Canada range from $5-12 per graft. I don't believe fees go up annually or seasonally.

Michael S. Beckenstein, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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