Cost of Dysport (photo)

Hi I recently moved to Seattle and am wanted to get the below Dysport done. What would the cost be? Happy to work with an RN to reduce prices. Thanks!

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Dysport cost

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The cost of Dysport will vary greatly depending on where you live and who is doing it.  I would recommend that you go to someone who understands facial anatomy well and is board-certified.  Good luck!

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Dysport prices vary in all offices.  I recommend you do your research and go to an accredited provider that has a good amount of experience.  Cheaper is not necessarily better.  Hope this helps.

Dysport cost

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At Juvly Aesthetics, Dysport is $3.69/unit. The price of Dysport at different practices is fairly variable but usually between $3-$5 per unit. Hope that helps!

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Cost for Dysport

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Thank you for asking your question. The cost of Dysport is variable. It is based on how many units are being given, the expertise of the injector (often inexperienced doctors or non-physicians offer discounts on groupon) and location of the office. You should have an experienced doctor perform the treatment in order to avoid complications. 
Good luck,

Cost of Dysport

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The cost of Dysport will vary by physician.  The cost for the amount you have shown in your photo would be just under $500 in my office in Seattle.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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