Coolsculpting vs Ultrashape for outer thighs?

I'm within 10 pounds of my ideal weight (5ft 9" and usually 155lbs). In the last year I gained a little and my outer thighs are getting "saddlebags". I don't want to undergo major surgery so I have been researching non-invasive procedures. Both Coolsculpting and Ultrashape seem to get great reviews. I was all ready to get Coolsculpting but now am worried about some of the reviews I have seen regarding hard lumps left after the procedure. Which is more effective and with minimal side effects?

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CoolSculpting vs UltraShape

Thanks for your inquiry.I can understand how all of this information out there can make selecting the right procedure for you confusing.First of all, I will explain the way each treatment works.CoolSculpting uses freezing technology while Ultrashape uses ultrasonic energy to disrupt fat cells so that they can be eliminated through the body.Both treatments can be very effective in treating the thigh area.However it is my experience, that CoolSculpting tends to show results in this area after about one treatment session as compared to Ultrashape which generally requires 3 treatments.Also, treatment of the thighs is actually an off-label use for Ultrashape.Your best bet is to have a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can give you the best recommendation based on your specific needs.I hope this helps!

CoolSculpting vs Ultrashape

Thanks for your question.CoolSculpting uses cold temperature to freeze the fat cells and cause them to rupture and die, thereby reducing the area.Ultrashape uses ultrasonic energy to rupture the fat cells.So, it is a difference in how the fat cells are forced to ruptured in order to be eliminated.CoolSculpting is very effective on the outer thighs.You can see results with just one treatment.Ultrashape is also effective for the outer thighs, but generally requires about 3 treatments 1-3 weeks apart.The use of Ultrashape on the thighs is an off-label indication for the device, but it is safe.For your area of interest, I would say both are effective, but CoolSculpting is more time tested and beneficial for time and cost efficiency.Just to give you a range to compare, CoolSculpting would run about $1500-$1700/1 treatment whereas Ultrashape would run about $3000/3 treatments for the same results.I hope this helps.

Coolsculpting vs Ultrashape for outer thighs?

Thank you for your question. CoolSculpting does not always leave lumps. If it happens, they usually resolve with massaging in a few weeks. If you would like to determine if CoolSculpting is the best procedure for you I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. This way, you will be able to explain your concerns and find an option that fits your desires. An in-person assessment is always best.

What's the best treatment for saddlebags

Smartlipo is a great treatment for saddlebags. If you aren't interested in surgery (it's not major surgery and it can be done with local anesthesia if you prefer) there are non-surgical options. In my experience, a single treatment with Cool Sculpting or SculpSure is more effective than a whole series of Vaser Shape. 

Coolsculpting Versus SculpSure versus Ultrashape and Results versus Hi Definiton Liposuction

I find that ultrashape is great for contouring but takes many more treatments to get the same outcome as coolsculpting. I suggest combining the procedures or considering a hi definition contouring procedure to get the best sculpting.  Dr. Emer.
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Jason Emer, MD
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Outer thigh coolsculpting

There is a second generation outer thigh coolsculpting applicator that is better than the first generation.  I would recommend finding a practice that has that particular applicatior.  

Lumps in the outer thigh after liposuction and coolsculpting can often be massage so they are not visible.  You may still feel a lump though in rare cases.

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