Is it common to have blistering on the skin around the tattoo when having it removed with lasers?

I had my 1st laser removal treatment on an all red tattoo. It has blistered primarily around the tattoo (few blisters actually in the tattoo); the blisters are 2-3 cm away from the actual ink. It's as though the person who was lasering my tattoo "colored outside the lines," but with the laser. My first question is: is it common to have parts of skin that is not inked to be lasered as part of the removal process? Secondly, is it okay for it to be blistering on skin that does not have ink in it?

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Blisting Post Laser Tattoo Removal

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Blistering is a common result post tattoo removal.  I suggest speaking to your treating physician if you are conerned.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Blistering after laser tattoo removal

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Blistering can occur over the areas being lasered.

Blistering outside is not common but is probably the 'thermal bioeffects' of laser energy delivery. 

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