Any suggestions for Chin implant removed?

I had a chin implant in August 2015. The implant made my chin look too long and gave me a very masculine look. I had it removed after about 8 months (in March 2016). I was told it's an X small silicon implant. Now it's been about 8 months and my chin is still too long. My question is : why it is still too long after removal? Is there any chance it's going to look as it looked before? Or is it possible to correct it surgeicly? I would do anything to get my old face back :( Thank you

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Any suggestions for Chin implant removed?

 Hi, I have performed many chin augmentations using silastic chin implants and from the timeline included here (years are off, 14-15) but the brief time that the implant was in had no real effect on the soft tissue or the bone IMHO.  This is swelling unless some portion of the implant still remains.  A capsule forms around the implant but it's very thin.  The chin typically returns to its normal shape and appearance within several months of removal.  An Xray of your chin and mandible can verify the implant was completely removed.  Hope this helps.

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Chin Implant Removal

While in some cases removal of chin implant does return the chin back to its presurgical shape, there are plenty of cases where that does not occur. Chin implants require soft tissue disinsertion and and create an encapsulated plane between the bone and the overlying soft tissue that can allow it to slide off of the bone to some degree after the implant is removed. This is most likely what you are observing with your perception of your chin still being longer. Correction requires a soft tissue correction.

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Chin Implant Removal

Typically when a chin implant is removed the chin returns to it's pre-surgical state especially when the implant was in for such a short amount of time. Your swelling should have resolved by now. I would suggest you review your before and after photographs with you surgeon and see what differences are present. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Chin shape

Thank you for your question and a long chin can be shortened surgically so see some experts in your area 

Dr Corbin

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Chin implant placement and removal

 When placing a Silastic chin implant, the chin is augmented in 3 dimensions, which include forward projection,  width, and vertical length.  When the chin implant is removed, the chin returns to its normal shape that it was prior to implant placement.  Best to speak with your operative surgeon and compare your own before and after photographs.

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Chin shape

The swelling should have resolved after the implant was removed.  I would suggest asking your surgeon for your before pictures from your initial procedure and then compare these to photos taken now.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
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