Can Childbirth Affect The Size of Your Labia?

Can your labia become larger having having children? If so, why does this happen?

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Childbirth: any affects on labia minora

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Labia minora is more genetically and puberty related.  Childbirth rarely changes it.   However, some do complain of a change in color occasionally after pregnancy. The vast majority of labiaplasty performed by me are on women without any pregnancies. 

Childbirth effect on labia growth?

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The majority of labi minora growth is stimulated by the hormone surge during puberty and thus genetically predetermined. Much less frequently, the hormone surge during pregnancy can also cause some additional growth in the labia, although typically to a much lesser extent.  Hence the far majority of my labiaplasty patients are 20 - 35 years old and have never even delivered a child. Glad to help. 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Vaginal childbirth, and even just pregnancy, can affect the size of the inner and outer labia.Hormones, swelling, trauma, stretching... These are all things that can make the inner labia longer and more protuding. The outer labia can also become deflated due to the same reasons. Best to see a labiaplasty specialist for an exam if you're concerned. Be super selective!

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Size of labia after children

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The size of your labia is genetically predetermined and is stimulated by changes in hormones during puberty. Patients do report a change in size and color during pregnancy but to a much lesser extent.

Size of labia minora after children

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Although the size of the labia minora is genetically determined, mechanical factors such as childbirth, hematomas, or other trauma  can affect the shape and size of the labia.  We have seen patients who bled into one of the labia minora during delivery, and ended up with a hematoma that stretched that one side significantly.  We also see tears of the labia minora that also affect the shape.  The good news is that the changes can be helped with labiaplasty. Seek out an experienced labiaplasty surgeon.  Best wishes. Below is an example of a patient who had labial changes after delivery.  Best wishes. 

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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Can childbirth affect the size of your labia

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 Labia minora and majora sizes are not affected with the child birth .
 it depends on what kind of genes you got it and how they are affected by the hormones after the puberty. 

 Most of the ladies have their surgeries during 20s or 30s and most of them don't have kids at that time which also shows you that its not affected by the delivery

 Thank you

 Dr Kafali

Childbirth effect labia growth.

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Good question.
Many of our labiaplasties are performed on women that have not yet delivered a child.  However, I have plenty of patients who come in and tell me that their labias have changed in size and color after pregnancy.

Labia growth is influenced by hormone stimulation especially during the developing stages of puberty but they may be influenced again during pregnancy.

Hope that helps.

Labial enlargement during pregnancy

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While pregnancy and vaginal delivery will not make small labia large, and large labia do not regularly become even larger, pregnancy and childbirth frequently does increase labial size.

While a portion of this size increase in some women may be hormonally mediated, my impression, as an ex Ob/Gyn, is that it is the edema (swelling) of the genitalia, both labia minora, labia majora, and vagina during pregnancy that leads, in genetically succeptible individuals, to a more permanent "stretch" after pregnancy is over. Most likely this has to do with tissue tone and collagen and elastin fiber activity in the dermis layer of the skin.

Women who bear children after having labial reduction may see a modest increase in labial size after childbirth, but they will not return to anything near to their pre-reduction size.

Very best,

Michael P Goodman MD

Labia size

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Thank you for your question. Yes labia size can change with multiple child births or weight gain and loss or hormonal changes or genetics.

Childbirth and labia minora length

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Childbirth is not a major factor in the development of long labia. It usually starts in the teens and as labia lengthen, they are more prone to getting pulled by clothing leading to more elongation.

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