Is my breast lift incision infected or is this something else? (photo)

I had surgery in March and everything has been pretty seamless. Last week I started seeing a shininess to the incision. Then it almost seemed like it was healing better that's the other side because the scar blended, but then that area started to peel a bit. Now there's a white patch. No real pain but some shooting here and there. Is it serious? It's Friday night, should I go in before Monday?

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Thank you for your question and photo.  Signs of infections are typically redness, drainage or even foul odor.  It appears that your scar is a little wide.  Sometimes sutures can work their way to the skin surface and will need to be dealt with.  Best to see your surgeon for an exam, it does not appear to be a significant infection though.  Best wishes. 

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Is my breast lift incision infected or is this something else?

Thank you for your questions and picture. Problems like this can be hard to diagnose through a picture and a physical exam is needed to really tell you what is going on. Best for you to see your plastic surgeon as soon as you can so that he or she can advise you on how to proceed. This could be something as simple as a widening scar or scar tissue, or it could be something more serious.Best of luck!

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Incision after a breast lift

Thank you for your question and photo. Although it is several months from your surgery, there may still be dissolving sutures which can cause reaction. You do not indicate whether you have an implant as well. Given its acute onset and appearance, I suggest you contact your plastic surgeon so he or she can rule out infection. Best regards.

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