Should I get braces or veneers? (Photo)

I dislike how little my teeth show when I smile and speak. I think my arches are too narrow, top teeth sit up too high, and my teeth are too far back in my mouth, giving me the crescent or witch profile (see profile). I grind and clench and have lost length on my teeth as well, and my lip droops a bit. I want my teeth to be broader, lower, and forward. What would be the best course of treatment for me? Orthodontia or veneers. Had consults with both but still unsure.

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Braces AND Porcelain Veneers may be best option

You describe two different issues and may be best to do both. Since you grind, etc you have lost enamel and straight teeth won't change that. Orthodontics can help with overall structure issues but the porcelain veneers can fine tune the result to "perfect".  

Finding a a provider that can do this may be a challenge. 

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Braces or Veneers?

The lower 1/3 of your face is dramatically underdeveloped. Is this natural underdevelopment exacerbated by dental wear or is it retraction orthodontics and dental wear?

At any rate, you might very well need to do a combination of orthopedic/orthodontic treatment and dental restorative treatment (veneers, etc.) to get the look you seek.

If you have to choose one over the other I would suggest orthopedic/orthodontic treatment over veneers because veneers will only change the look of your teeth, it will NOT resolve the crescent profile nor the lack of tooth show. 

Also, if you do the orthopedic/orthodontic treatment now you can always go back and do veneers later while doing veneers first precludes you from doing orthopedic/orthodontic treatment later.

When I say orthopedic/orthodontic treatment I am referring to arch development in addition to orthodontic tooth movement. You must find a doctor who understands jaw orthopedics AND orthodontics and even better if he/she understands cosmetic restorations as well.

Good luck!

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