Would braces help fix receding chins? (photos)

I never noticed my chin until I looked into braces. As you can see, my teeth are pretty messed up, but I heard that braces can cause bad receding chins (vertical pull then pushed back). Not only is my face already long, but I don't want my chin to go back more than it already is. Should I just not get braces? My mom would never pay surgery for me. My mom and sister both have square faces if that helps. My sister already has pretty straight teeth naturally.

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Do Braces Adversely Affect My Chin?

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GREAT question! Braces by themselves will not cause your chin to recede. Extracting bicuspids before braces (in an effort to create the needed space to align your teeth) would cause your chin to recede. You do NOT need to extract bicuspids in order to properly align your teeth. You will have to either do arch expansion (this is done with a simple removable appliance) or significant interproximal reduction (slenderize the teeth) to create sufficient space to align your teeth. Good luck!

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