Do I need braces? (Photos)

Hi, I've been to two different dentists one said I do not need braces and the other one said I could get them if I wanted to. I'm very insecure about my teeth so I would get them if I had the chance. I have been also told I have a crossbite.

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Nobody NEEDS braces

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That does not mean braces are a bad idea.  In fact, you WOULD benefit from braces.  Your teeth are not straight, but CAN be with braces.  Keeping them clean is more difficult, but can be EASIER to clean when straight.  And so on.Decide what you WANT, and go from there.

Braces or Not

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In my opinion, you would definitely benefit from orthodontic/orthopedic treatment. Your upper dental arch is underdeveloped (this is the cause of your crossbite). A crossbite can damage teeth, cause TMJ problems and even compromise your airway leading to sleep breathing disorders. Unfortunately, orthodontics alone will not correct an underdeveloped dental arch. You would need to wear a simple, comfortable, removable appliance to enlarge your upper dental arch. This would take about six months and then you would have braces or clear aligners.Good luck!

Your smile can be enahnced

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The condition of your teeth can be enhanced by orthodontics. Since there appears to be crowding and alignment issues which need to be addressed I would recommend strongly that you consider either braces, or clear aligners. Clear aligners will be easy for you to get used to. Please see a provider in your area who can help you more with your decision making process.All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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