Botox and Lupus or Hypothyroydism?

I do not have any of these illnesses; to the contrary my immune system works very well and have no diagnoses of any kind. My question was precisely because I was told I could develop these illnesses if I continue using Botox. Is it true?

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Botox and other medical conditions

Botox has been safely and effectively used for decades and we have not see increased lupus or hypothyroidism, or any other medical condition for that matter as a result of its use in millions of people. We would have certainly seen something by now if there was indeed a problem. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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I was told I could develop Lupus or Hypothyroidism if I continue using Botox. Is it true?

 No, Botox use is not associated with the development of any disease state after more than 3 decades of use on millions of patients.  Some of this misinformation is sadly used, by those promoting their products, as a scare tactic.  Botox has proven safe and effective for the reduction of unwanted lines and wrinkles and I have used it for almost 25 years.  

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Botox Safety

You were misinformed.  There is no science to support your concerns.  Botox is extremely safe and has been used for over 50 years for a variety of medical conditions and commonly for sweating and wrinkles since the early 1990's.

Botox and Lupus or Hypothyroydism

No, none of these things have been reported from the usage of Botox Cosmetic. Whoever told you that is misinformed. You can look up all known side effects of Botox Cosmetic on their website, see below. None of what you have mentioned is listed, and Botox Cosmetic has been approved for over a decade with millions and millions of people treated.

Botox injection is not associated with SLE or hypothyroidism

Botox injection is not associated with the development of hypothyroidism or lupus (SLE) - hypothyroidism is a common disorder and its association in those who have had Botox injection is purely coincidental.

Botox and Lupus or Hypothyroidism?

You cannot develop these conditions following a Botox treatment. The Botox stays localized to the area it is injected and will not cause a problem. I would recommend visiting the Allergan website for details on the side effects associated with Botox. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Botox and new illnesses

I haven't heard or read that cosmetic Botox injections will increase your risk of aquiring any illnesses or diagnosis. For a full review of Botox and it's side-effects, visit their web site below.

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