2 week post-op tummy tuck & lipo, no muscle repair & no drains. Redness, swelling & hardness on one side? (Photos)

I'm 2 weeks post op no muscle repair and no drains. My ps removed (17 lbs) and 3 lbs liposuction. Ifeel I'm recovering well, except I noticed yesterday the right side of my Lower abdomen it a little more swollen and red compared to my left, and seems to be a little bit more sensitive as in tender. I'm hoping it's not infection or seroma. I wear a compression garment 24/7, except to shower. Can't get to ps for 4 more days so thought I would ask opinions on here. Thankyou in advance!

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Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty/Liposuction/Vaser High Definition Procedures/Tummy Tuck Revision

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I appreciate your question. Since there has been change in your post op course, please contact your surgeon so he/she can examine you and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan at this time. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery. Best of luck! Dr. Schwartz Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Director-Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute #RealSelf100Surgeon

Post-tummy tuck healing process

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Thank you for the question and photos. I'm happy to hear that you are having a smooth recovery overall. Having some swelling and redness after a tummy tuck is not uncommon. The healing process requires some time and swelling may take up to 8-12 months to completely resolve. It's important that your surgeon be aware of your concerns, however.   An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is always the best way to assess your needs and obtain a reliable medical advice. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi.  

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Contact your plastic surgeon

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and send photos and your history such as fevers, increasing pain, etc.  If you were my patient and I couldn't see you for a few more days, I would have no hesitation on calling in antibiotics for you and your surgeon can do this across state lines as pharmacies will  honor such prescriptions.  If the redness is spreading, its even more important that you contact your surgeon.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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New redness and swelling

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Have you shared these photos with your plastic surgeon? I would start there. A change in your post operative course like the one you have described should ideally be evaluated in person, but should at least be evaluated by photos and a phone conversation if there is a compelling reason you can't be seen before four days. Best of luck and congratulations on your new shape. Dr. Meghan Nadeau, Seattle, WA

Meghan Nadeau, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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