Can surgery correct asymmetry (untreated Bell's palsy)? (photo)

My smile and right cheek are uneven and somewhat unable to move. I wouldn't mind except it makes me look drastically less attractive. I see a huge difference when my photos are flipped horizontally. I just want my right side to match my left side. Is this possible? First image is mirrored, second one is true to life.

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Can surgery correct asymmetry (untreated Bell's palsy)?

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Your posted photos are not helpful- too much shadowing and positional. Either re post frontal and side views or seek IN PERSON consultations.//

Botox can frequently help

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Botox (or other botulinum toxin like Dysport or Xeomin) can be used on the opposite side of the bells palsy to make the sides of your face look more even until you recover.

Karen Nern, MD
Edwards Dermatologic Surgeon

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