Mineral Smell During Nose Cleaning?

I had a septorhinoplasty about a month ago, and have been cleaning my nose daily. In the past week, I smelled something mineral-ish when cleaning w/Q-tips, and at no other time. My nose stopped bleeding five days after surgery, so I was wondering what can be attributed to this 'new scent' during cleaning?

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Post Rhinoplasty Cleaning of Nose

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First and foremost you should not be putting q-tips in your nose. Put those back in the bathroom drawer and leave the cleaning to your surgeons office. A saline nasal spray will help with dryness and crusting. I suggest seeing your surgeon for a follow up appointment and frequent appointments so he/ she may assist you with the cleaning process. If you continue to smell an unpleasant odor discuss this as well. Best regards!

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Odd smell after rhinoplasty

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it is common to have an odd smell after rhinoplasty.  This is due to dryness and crusting inside the nose .  Saline irrigations can help.

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