One Brow Significantly Higher Than Other After 10 Days Brow Lift and Upper Eye Lid Surgery?

I can raise the brow that is higher than the other but the low brow does not move at all. Should I be concerned?

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Brow asymmetry

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At ten days certainly there can be numbness and swelling that may affect how the brow moves. Give it several weeks for the swelling to come down to be properly evaluated.  If concerned, speak to your surgeon.

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Should I be concerned about one eyebrow being higher than the other 10 days after blepharoplasty and browlift?

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The weakness in your lower eyebrow should resolve over the coming weeks to months. It is possible that the return of function to that non-moving eyebrow will result in some elevation of the brow and better symmetry. Time will tell but it is highly likely that the non-moving eyebrow will improve with time. I hope this information is helpful.

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Brow NonMovement at 10 Days Following Browlift

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    The inability to move the brow at 10 days after a browlift is hopefully a neuropraxia injury, which should resolve over weeks to months.  The lower brow is the one that you cannot move, because the frontalis contractility has been temporarily lost.

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