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I had breast implant revision surgery recently to replace saline implants which visibly wrinkled. I have very little breast tissue and therefore chose the Mentor CPG "gummy bear" implant. These implants even looked more wrinkled from the thicker folds of the shell.

The surgeon replaced them 3 days later with an overfilled saline implant. I now have 2 very firm, but not wrinkled, balls on my chest. I was wondering if it is possible to order a custom, more solid gummy bear implant that does not fold when held vertically?

I am 48. I am 5'6", 118 pounds. According to my surgeon, I have less breast tissue than anyone he has ever seen. I went from an athletic 32AA to a 34 DDD and I feel way out of proportion. He had to keep filling the shell with saline until there were no visible wrinkles.

I live by Seattle, Washington state. Is there a surgeon out there willing to try to give me smaller more natural looking breast? Thank you.

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Treatment of wrinkling after breast augmention

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I can’t help you with surgeons in Seattle but I do have some thoughts about your condition. My first question is, are the implants under your chest muscle? If they are currently above the muscle, often the wrinkling can be improved by moving them under the muscle. The visibility of the prosthesis can be reduced by the extra tissue coverage.
You mentioned that you are “athletic.” This would be in your favor, as I would expect you would have a relatively thick muscle to cover the implant.

Regarding your breast size, I would agree that a 34DDD is a little large for most women at your height and weight. Sometime going to a smaller size can actually make wrinkling less visible because the overlying tissues are not stretched as thin.

I hope this information is of some help to you. Good luck and I’m optimistic you can achieve the outcome you desire.

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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Plastic Surgeon for breast implants.

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Plastic surgeon for breast implants:

1) Is the surgeon a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? Members usually do a lot of cosmetic surgery.

2) Did you sense a commitment to excellence in the office. Did the surgeon spend a lot of time with you? Someone who rushes through the consultation may rush through the surgery.

3) Were you treated as an individual? Did the surgeon present you with a surgical plan tailor made for you?

4) Plastic surgeons have to have a good eye and meticulous technique. Did the surgeon show you A LOT of before and after pictures, and did you love the results?

5) Talk to other doctors you know. Established plastic surgeons have a reputation in the community, good or bad.

6) Ask to speak to a patient who has had the procedure you want. You are looking for a surgeon who does a lot of what you want. Many patients are eager to share their experience. Privacy is preserved by having the patient call you.

7) If you are having breast augmentation, ask if the surgeon has a large inventory of different size and shape breast implants available in the operating room. A surgeon who does a lot of breast surgery will have an inventory. This way, the final implant choice does not have to be made in advance.

8) With office surgery, make sure the surgical facility is ACCREDITED. Very important safety assurance.

9) Make sure the anesthesia is given by a BOARD CERTIFIED ANESTHESIOLOGIST. Another very important safety factor.

10) Make sure the office has trained nurses available for hands-on post operative care. This can really speed recovery.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Dissatisfaction with silicone and saline breast implants

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It sounds as if you are having considerable problems with all forms of implants and perhaps you should consider autlogous fat grafting to the breasts

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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