I Have Slight Symmastia and Want to Know my Options for Repair & What to Expect for Breast Revision Recovery? (photo)

My 1st Aug I went below muscle (HP saline) I noticed symmastia. 8 months after my 1st surg I had a revision (its been 2 years since my rev). My dr removed implants, created a new pocket above muscle & replaced w/ smaller silicone. He did a conservative capsulorraphy as well. I am still unhappy with the result because the implants are small, I don't get side projection& they are still too close to center. What are my options (larger implant pref) and what is the recovery like for a symmastia-type revision?

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     Changing implant position from behind the muscle to in front of the muscle will not correct symmastia unless the submuscular  pocket is closed as well.  You mentioned that your PS performed a conservative capsulorraphy, I suspect that was the attempt to, indeed, close that space. However, at this time, It appears by your history and photos that the submuscular space is still open in the region where you previously had symmastia.  Your option now is to have that space closed.

I would prefer to for you to have implants placed behind the muscle.  Implants tend to do better in the submuscular pocket on many levels. Going larger is possible, but may increase the risk of recurrence somewhat.  Using ultra high profile implants by Mentor may be an option.  You should wear a special Thongbra for two months after the repair.  Using dermal matrix grafts for internal support may give the repair a bit more strength but is quite costly,  perhaps $4000 in additional costs.

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