11 Days After Revision Lower Blepharoplasty/canthopexy...right Eye Very Misshapen and Ectropin?

will i need yet another revision. there was too much fat taken out in right eye only and i worry that in trying to overcorrect the eye with the canthopexy and skin removal i will forever look this way... please advise what i should expect... i had both eyes done,but the right eye is the most odd looking one with a lump that lifts the corner over and above the upper lid. will the muscle drop? is there something i can do to rectify the problem? i have been through so much the last 8 months...

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It is hard to tell from photo the position of your right lower eyelid. It does look like the lower eyelid has been pulled up too high  on the outside. The lump may be an suture that was put under the skin for stabilization. Ask your surgeon. A direct view of your eyes looking straight at the camera is needed for further assessment.


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It is hard to tell with the limited photographs. 11 days after surgery is too soon to predict a result. You may have more swelling on one side. This may take a few months to resolve. Keep in touch with your surgeon. Dr Thomas Narsete Austin, Tx

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