Searching for Good Scar Revision Surgeon for Bound Down Scars

I had surgery in Nov. 2009. It was all to be done from inside the mouth, but two small incisions 3-4 mm were outside in the nasal labial folds. Seeking a surgeon who can revise bound-down scars on the face. The fascia was removed, but I think there are small balls left & they tether my skin to the muscle. It puckers, ugly creases, lack of mobility & heartbreak. I would love to have them revised & all fascia out. I have good skin otherwise, don't smoke, use Retin-A, sunblock & heal well.

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Scar contracture requires release and possible grafting

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It sounds like your two facial scar areas of concern are tethered scars from possible external entrance sites. These occur from the skin scarring inward due to the trauma of making the pathway through the tissue setting up the the scar formation path as well as some possible fat atrophy. Revision of these scars can be done by release with the possible need of some graft placed beneath the skin to prevent the skin edges from turning in again. This could be a small piece of fat or allogeneic dermis.


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Sounds like a scar release/revision....not sure where you are in Florida, best facial surgeon I know in the state is Dr. Steve Prendiville in Fort Myers. Otherwise, maybe you could take a close up photo to post, one that preserves your confidentiality but outlines the issues.

Good Luck!

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John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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