Is my mole excision/cauterization healing correctly or is it infected? (Photo)

I got my mole removed a week ago and it still looks terrible i put some hydrogen peroxide on it and it turned white and now it looks like this and is this going to scar and how long untill it will heal and close up? Please help i dont want a scar on my chest!

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Scar After Mole Removal From Chest

Dear maggjtvato18~It looks as if you have some redness and swelling which is normal after a mole removal. If you had a shave excision with cautery, the area that was treated will be exposed/open and it will have a scab until it heals over. If after complete healing the scar is not satisfactory, there are many options to improve the appearance, including steroid injections, laser, and microneedling. Please continue to follow-up with your physician and avoid using any hydrogen peroxide unless recommended.Best wishes,Amy Hsu

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