Tissue expander & drain? (Photo)

After 4 breast surgeries in 8 months...I finally have a tissue expander, I had my first fill & everything appears fine with the exception of my drain is still in, today is week 5. Clear normal fluid but drains 30-35cc in 24 hours. When can we pull the drain? I'm petrified of having a seroma.

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Tissue expander & drain?

In part the length of time that a drain is kept in place depends on the amount coming out and whether or not you have an acellular dermal matrix in place. The dermal matrices (e.g. pig skin) tend to produce a decent amount of fluid and the drain is left in longer (in some cases until the output nearly dries up).  Many surgeons will consider pulling the drain out when the output is under a certain cc amount per 24 hour period.  You should check with your surgeon on what their criteria are for pulling out the drain because this can vary and he/she should be the one making that decision with you. Good luck!

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