I Will Be out to Sea 28 Days Prior to my BBL is It Ok to Get my Blood Work Done a Month Before?

Im flying in from my ship March 15,2013. blood work has to be done two weeks prior to procedure but I will be out to sea can I get my blood work done 30 days prior to my procedure?

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Testing requirements will vary

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Hi there-

The timing requirement of the testing sounds like something that is particular to the institution or individual surgeon you are dealing with, and therefore may be difficult or impossible for us to answer here...

I would recommend you check with your surgeon about whether or not this change in the timing of your tests is going to be acceptable or not.


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If you are young and healthy this should be no problem. We usually just check if you are anemic or pregnant. Good luck

Pre-Op Medical Tests Regulated by State Medical Boards

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Accredited Surgery Centers in Maryland are required to get certain test results for women undergoing IV Anesthesia or General Anesthesia. The test results can not be older than 30 days old. Maryland requirements include:

  • History and Physical
  • Hematocrit (red blood cell to test for anemia)
  • Pregnancy Test

Therefore, check with your physician to find out exactly what the requirements are.

Ricardo L Rodriguez MD

Baltimore, Maryland

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Timing of Pre-Operative Blood Tests

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The average Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Augmentation of the Buttocks) patient is healthy and under 35 years of age. In such people MOST facilities would only require a pregnancy test and there is NO need for "lab tests". However, millions are spent in CYA medical tests in response for our medical legal crisis to cover themselves from potential lawsuites. 

In your case, since the tests are obtained as an extra precaution , i would ascertain that the facility would accept a month old tests and if not inquire if the CBC (blood count) and chemistry could be done a day before surgery. Some facilities will others will not go along.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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