Considering Sculptura to Enhance my Cheekbones And Ultherapy? tighten my whole face and neck. Is there any benefit to having them done on the same visit? Will Ultherapy assist in building more collagen at the places Sculptura is injected? Or will they counteract each other? Or...? Thanks!

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Ultherapy and sculptra

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Ultherapy can be performed with Sculptra being injected immediately after, but I would not reverse the order. One of the surgeons who was involved with the research of Ultherapy, often does inject Sculptra after Ultherapy.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sculptra and Ulthera in combination are a great way to improve collagen, build up cheek bones, and tighten skin

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Many of my patients are doing exactly what you asked.  Sculptra and Ulthera.  They work differently to build up collagen and increase lost volume from aging.  The end result is a fuller face that is lifted and tighter.  They can be done on the same day, and because the Sculptra has lidocaine added, the Ulthera is more comfortable.  There is no destruction of fillers with laser, Ulthera, or any other device.  A recent presentation and soon to be published study has shown when Sculptra is done with Ulthera, it's like you are getting 2 1/2 times the benefit of the Sculptra than without doing the Ulthera

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra and Ultherapy to enhance cheelbones

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Ultherapy may be indicated for some tightening of the skin, but I doubt if you will get any cheek volumizing from this kind of therapy. Sculptra, however, will increase volume of virtually anywhere you inject it providing you are not over 65 years old or so. If older, you will need to also take a whole food vitamin C, as Vitamin C is required to produce collagen and whole food nutrients are more effective.

Sculptra requires at least two sessions and possibly a third touch up session, according to your goals. Sculptra will last about 2 years, but many patients return for more after a year or so. There are many different injectables that will work for cheek augmentation and your PS will suggest the one that best fits your needs.

If you want larger cheeks, you may someday consider fat transfer or even an implant, which is permanent.

Good luck of achieving your goals.

Ulthera and Sculptra

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You could have both procedures on the same visit but I would bet that most of us would prefer not doing them on the same day.  Ultherapy is a great tightening procedure and Sculptra over time can do great things to replace volume in any areas that need this type of enhancement.  We know from clinical trials that most every filler can be used with lasers and light sources together and nothing will happen to the filler.  So if you were having the procedures done together I would do the Ulthera first and then the Sculptra – although you may find very nice results with the Ulthera and may not need as much Scultptra as you may think – and this takes several injection series to achieve a result.  And remember, that Ulthera works over time – it also can take up to 3 moths to see the best results.  So in my clinic I would do the Ulthera first, wait and add the Sculptra as needed.

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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The amazing results fo Sculptra and Ulthera...

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You can have both done on the same day but I wouldn't. Certainly the Ulthera should be done first. Immediately after treatment with Ulthera there may be some mild facial swelling and some mild redness. This swelling may effect the amount of Sculptra injected in some areas, such as the cheeks and for this reason I would do the Sculptra on another day. This is probably insignificant though, because you are only injecting 1-2 vials on that visit. Any fine tuning can be performed in subsequent visits, recommended at least a month apart, for Sculptra. Ulthera is a one time treatment, with possible additional treatments a year later if desired. The combination is fantastic and in my experience one of the best more long term treatment options available for rejuvenation of the face!  They will not counteract each other...

Most injectors would recommend doing the Ulthera first, but there are some fascinating considerations with actually doing Sculptra first:

1. The melting point of Sculptra beads are significantly higher than the thermal point of Ulthera. Therefore there should be no destruction of Sculptra contrary to other fillers, such as Hyaluronic acid fillers.

2. Sculptra induces new collagen deposition. If the Sculptra was injected first, and the secondary collagen allowed to accumulate, then this new collagen hit with the Ulthera ultrasound energy, there may be a synergistic response inducing even more new collagen formation. This should provide better more long-lasting results.

A study needs to be done to determine which is the best way to go. I hope this hasn't confused you!  I highly recommend Ulthera and Sculptra!

Curt Samlaska, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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