Can Sculptura Be Used to Disguise or Correct Early Jowl Formation?

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Best to correct the cause of jowls first, then fill in the rest

However more importantly you want to address why jowls form in the first place.

It is estimated that we lose 1 cc of soft tissue per year past age 30 from the face.  In addition there is loss of bony tissue as well:  from the cheek bones, around the orbit and and around the nose.  Much of this is happening in the upper and mid face.

As the skin loses its scaffolding, it sags creating deepened nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jowls.

To start correcting the jowls, volume first needs to be restored to the upper and midface.  Then address the jowls themselves with fillers or skin tightening or both.  After correcting the volume loss above, there may not be much jowls left.

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Sculptra disguise jowls

The quick answer to this question is...absolutely yes. This is one my favorite things to do. The only issue is that it takes time for the collagen to form. If you want more immediate result then another filler is probably best.

Bhupesh Vasisht, MD
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra Uses

Sculptra is like putty in the surgeons hands. It can be used for a variety of uses where volume restoration can make a positive change in a patients appearance. In fact, we have used Sculptra in patients who have significant facial volume assymetry: meaning one side of the face is not equal to the other. It is a great tool in the hands of the surgeon.

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Sculptra can help to soften jowl lines

Jowl lines are caused by a combination of sagging of cheeks and loss of volume, both of which can be ameliorated by Sculptra injection. By strategically placing Sculptra along upper half of the face, there should be a noticeable lift to soften the jowl lines. Sculptra can also be injected beneath the facial muscles along jowl lines to soften the area.

William Ting, MD
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Sculptra and Jowls

Sculptra, a volumizing agent which gradually leads to collagen formation, can help mask early jowls by creating volume in the area known as the pre-jowl sulcus.  This is the area that sits between the chin (mentum) and the area of the jowl, appearing slightly concave.  However, if the jowls are more significant, Sculptra will be less beneficial. It is important to understand that Sculptra is a multi-visit procedure, typically spaced over 3 months or longer, lasting for about 2 years.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Sculptra can correct jowls

Jowls are created by loss of soft tissue and bone mass of the temples, cheeks, and jaws.  Sculptra is an excellent choice to replace this lost volume and results in a very natural, youthful appearance.  However, if the jowls are severe, a surgical correction may be needed, such as a facelift.  

Timothy G. Rodgers, MD, FAAD
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Sculptra helps early jowl formation

As we age we start to see an uneven jawline, there is a sagging of skin (early jowl) and just in front of that is a relative hollow. This hollow is refered to as a pre-jowl sulcus.  Sculptra can be injected along the jawline at the pre-jowl sulcus to fill in the hollow.  The result is a straighter jawline that hides the jowl.

 Another way in which Sculptra can help jowling is by adding volume to the cheek.  This fills out the cheek so that the skin drapes better, kind of like a mini face lift.  

Sculptra is a good choice if you don't want surgery and it lasts 2 years or more. 

Susan Van Dyke, MD
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Sculptra for jowl formation

Yes and no. Sculptra can help disguise early jowl formation, but it will not help correct it. If you really want to correct the jowls, this should be done with a facelift. However, Sculptra can be used to fill in the area in front of the jowls, so that they are less noticeable. I have to tell you that you should probably try other, more temporary fillers first to see if you like the effect.

Ryan Greene, MD, PhD
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Sculptra will not correct jowl formation

Sculptra will not correct jowl formation. Jowls are a result of the descent of a lower cheek fat pad which occurs with aging. Sculptra can elevate the appearance of the cheeks and thus help mask the formation of jowls.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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Sculptra is an excellent choice to disguise/correct early jowl formation

Sculptra is an excellent choice to disguise/correct early jowl formation.

Sculptra adds support to the soft tissue via collagen production, so that the skin has an internal structural "lift".  The patient does not have to live with an aging face that is collapsing due to lack of support, causing areas of sag and depressions throughout the face, but especially in the lower face and jawline.  Sculptra is an excellent option for patients who are younger, for those who do not prefer surgery, and  for those who want a natural and non-surgical look, at any age.

Sculptra can have amazing results with use of 3 to 6 vials in some patients, especially patients who are in the age range of 30 to 60, but it may be used with success in patients over 60, it just takes more Sculptra. 

It gives very natural results, and works over time, so patience is important, and patients must have realistic expectations. 

Proper patient selection and technique are vital to success.

I give time to patients at the time of their Sculptra appointments, giving them education, and careful planning.

It works great in the temporal forehead, where atrophy of soft tissue is prevalent, and also it is a dream in the cheeks and the interface between the lower eyelid and upper cheek, where loss of volume can drag the face downward, giving he face a longer, forlorn look.  It can create a rounder face, that is youthful, compared to a rectangular aging face with empty cheeks and heavy, sagging jowls.

I have found it a very rewarding procedure, that has results that can be very rejuvenating without surgery.

Christine A. Petti, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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