Swollen 2 weeks after Sculptra injections, what should I do? (photos)

I had sculptra in cheek bones. Going on 2 weeks and my husbands even asked if I got cheek implants becuz cheeks n eyes are swollen. I look the Jim carey in the mask! My right side is far more swollen. I hate this!

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Swelling 2 weeks after Sculptra

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It is too early for the collagen to already be kicking in and too late for the swelling associated with the injection to still be around. I would discuss with your doc and see if you have an injection going on.

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Swollen 2 weeks after Sculptra injections, what should I do? (photos)

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It is rare to hear of these symptoms this long after the injections. I recommend visiting your injector to determine why you are experiencing the excessive swelling. 

Swollen 2 weeks after Sculptra injections, what should I do?

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What does your injecting doctor say??? Appears as an infection that needs PO antibiotics but over the internet with very poorly posted photos hard to say. Seek immediate in person opinions and treatments... 

Sculptra Swelling

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Hi NG.  Something doesn't look and sound right.  Sculptra typically does not have that much swelling.  You usually look puffy for a day or two and then things return to normal because it is not a traditional dermal filler.  

If the area in question (cheeks) is really hard, knotted or feels like a marble underneath, then we would suggest returning to your injector for a checkup.  At the very least, a phone call to describe what's happening is in order.  If your current injector cannot help, you may want to pay for a second opinion and have another injector look at it.  Good luck.

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Swollen from Sculptra

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Sculptra is a great mid-face volumizer and that is why it is known as a liquid face lift.  However, I have not seen swelling like you are describing two weeks later.  I would immediately return to the treating physician to see if you have an infection.  For the best results always find a board certified dermatologist in your area.  Please let me know what happens.

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