Sculptra Waiver, Is it Common for PS to Have Patients Sign One?

I signed a sculptra waiver not that long ago and I don’t want to call my PS and ask for a copy what does this really cover? Do all Plastic Surgoens have their patients sign one?

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Informed Consent with Sculptra...

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This is common practice.  In my office, when there is any procedure done, the patient signs an informed consent.  There are no exceptions. 


Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens       

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra consent form

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Yes, all physicians review the risks, benefits and alternative treatments with the patient which is outlined in a consent form for the patient to sign. Your physician would probably be happy to give you a copy of the form.

Rebecca L. Euwer, MD
Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon

Sculptra Waiver

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I would say that most do.  Our state requires written informed consent for all procedures.

Robert Strimling, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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