Sculptra Volume After 3rd Treatment?

I had 3rd Sculptra session 2 mos. ago. How much more volumizing can I expect at this time (as a % of total volume)? Thank you!

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Sculptra Volume

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Sculptra volumizing all depends upon where you started. The Aids-HIV patient with loss of facial fat or the case of hemifacial atrophy (Romberg’s disease) will require a lot more added volume that the simpler case of an aging face of the younger patient with decreased facial volume. There is no way to determine the percent of added volume without knowing the patient. It is like asking how much water will fill a glass. It all depends upon the size of the glass.

Dayton Plastic Surgeon

Sculptra volume after 3rd treatment

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Very unpredictable. Maybe between 10 to 25% at best. Have you discussed this issue with your injecting doctor? I think you should, just to understand what you are getting.


Volume after third sculptra

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I have found that this is variable. Many patients continue to have gradual improvement but I have had one patient who didn't improve until a few months after her third treatment and then had as much improvement as the others. It does build up for several months after the last.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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The better your foundation - the more effect you see.

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There are many variables. 

You did not say how much material you had; how deficient your face was to start with; and how much effect you had to date.  All these things do matter.

In a general way, the closer you are to youthful contours, the more effective is each treatment.

Also the more material you use at each session, the longer the improvement takes to develop.

Also, did you have Sculptra Aesthetic for non HIV or do you have HIV?

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

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