Will Asymmetric Results from Sculptura Even out on Its Own?

Hi. I had Sculptra in October, November and December. I feel like the right hand side is much more noticeably fuller than the left hand side. I have been told it will even out in time and the full results will not be noticeable until October this year. But if the right hand side gets much fuller it will look false and unrealistic. Is it likely to get bigger or if not, how can I be sure that the other side will catch up and eventually even out? I am confused.

Linda Evans, London

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Sculptra asymmetry not likely to improve now

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Your body's response to Sculptra should be symmetric, so if one side is noticeably fuller now, it's likely that it will still be that way in a few months. Variations and asymmetry can occur immediately after injection but several months after your last treatment, I would expect that it should be symmteric. If you always sleep on one side of your face, this could be a cause of asymmetry due to pressure variances.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

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