Is the Chipmunk Look a Sculptra Side Affect?

Hi, I had Sculptra 11 weeks and so far everything is going really well. I am obviously due for my second treatment but I am concerned about Sculptra growing too much and being left with the chipmunk look? How common is this? and if it didn't happen the first time round is it something I should still be worried about? I guess I am wondering if it is more of a case of getting too much too quickly or some sort of unlucky reaction that some people have no matter what they do?

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Sculptra or traditional fillers should all be able to get you great results

They are all tools in the hands of your physician. If he or she is well trained and has a great aesthetic eye you should obtain a wonderful result.

Sculptra is not more likely than other products to produce undesirable results, in the right hands.

Given that it is done gradually, and in steps, one could say it is not likely you would end up in a direction you don't want to go.

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Avoiding the chipmunk look

You need to pick an injector with a good eye and lots of experience. In my opinion the chipmunk look happens if an injector puts too much lower in the cheek and apples and not enough along the cheekbones and temple. The cheekbone and temple are important to create a lift of the face.

Robyn D. Siperstein, MD
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Sculptra causing a chipmunk look

You need to be confident about your choice of your injecting physician and then to follow their advice to get the desired result. The results of all injectable fillers such as Sculptra depend upon the skill and experience of your injecting physician. In the USA, the current rules are that only skin specialists such as Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons are allowed to inject Sculptra and only after appropriate training. You should make sure your injecting physician has all of the "tools" to use, such as all of the various facial fillers that are approved for use. The effectiveness of your treatment depends on your physician’s ability to visualize the desired changes and to select and skillfully administer the best treatments alone or in combination. Since every face is different, the experience and technique of your physician injector is the most critical part to your achieving a beautiful, natural result.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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