Was I Given Saline Instead of Sculptra?

Is it possible that saline instead of Sculptra was injected on me during my second session and I was scammed? I feel I may have been cheated but don't wish to wrongly accuse until I get expert doctor opinions. How can I have absolutely no soreness, no swelling, and have returned to pre-injection state within 12 hours after Sculptra, as opposed to weeks of swelling and 1-2months of fullness with my first session? I didn't see the vial on the tray as I did the first session (same doctor). Please advise, thanks!

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There is no way to be sure

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Unfortunately, this is a clever way for a disreputable doctor to "scam" a patient and it would be difficult to prove. For this reason, picking your doctor is more important than picking a computer or car.

Be sure to do your homework and go with a reputable, experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. There are imposters out there who say they are dermatologists and are not. If people lie about some things, they often lie about anything if it suits their purposes.

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Scuptra or Saline

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It is common to get very little swelling or bruising from Sculptra if done properly. You should give it more time to see if you see any progressive improvement although it is always subtle.

Also, don' t hesitate to ask your physician the same question. If you ask the question in a non threatening way and making it clear you are just curious if you got saline by mistake, I am sure your physician will have an explanation.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
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