Sculptra for Sagging Skin Around Jaw?

Someone asked if Sculptra would be good for sagging skin around the jaw. How could injections do this? Wouldn't that be a face lift?

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Fillers can hide the jowls.

Hi! When you get looseness of the jawline with jowls, a dent forms between the jowl and the chin (called the "pre jowl sulcus"). If the dent is filled in, the jowl is a lot less obvious, and the jawline looks cleaner and smoother. That's the role of fillers in the jawline.

I don't use Sculptra because it requires multiple treatments. We have had very good, long lasting results with Radiesse.

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Sculptra for sagging skin

Depending on what is causing the sagging skin around the jaw, Sculptra may be a good option.  There are other options like Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane that can help to restore lost volume, however Sculptra lasts longer.  Surgery may be a good option as well.

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Facial Fillers: Is the problem lax facial skin or volume loss with loose skin?

It really depends on what the sagging skin is due to.

If the sagging skin is due to weight loss and subsequent facial volume loss, then restoring volume with Sculptra or other fillers such as Perlane or Radiesse or Juvederm can produce very nice results that reverse the appearance of a sunken, hollow, gaunt face.

If however, the primary problem is loose skin from loss of elasticity seen for example with extensive sun exposure, then fillers may not produce a satisfactory response. In these instances, a face lift may be a better option.

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Treatment of sagging skin around the jaw

Sagging skin around the jaw is usually caused by aging.

Most aging effects are caused by sun exposure. The elastic fibers in the skin become fragmented and do not support the skin as they did previously. In addition, in more advanced cases, there is associated loss of fat and even resorption of bone (due also to chronologic aging). This results in loss of volume.

In years past, a facelift was the only answer and even today, it can be the right choice. But a facelift cannot restore the lost volume. For volume, long term fillers such as Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxyapatite) and Sculptra (Polylactic acid) can bring about very satisfactory results, especially if combined with Thermage(R) (the "nonsurgicalfacelift").

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