How Long Does Sculptra Remain in the Body?

How long will it take for Sculptra to break down in the body? How long can one expect lumps to continue to arrive after one injection appointment? Do lumps ever go away on their own? If so, how long can it take? Short of surgery, what other measures are good to try to eliminate lumps? I am already worried sick about this whole ordeal. I feel very foolish and have no intention of using Sculptra again, but this where I am today. Any healthy input would be welcome.

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Treatments for Nodules from Sculptra

The best option is not to get nodules in the first place and how and by whom it is injected is the most important factor.

Sculptra is like dissolveable suture material and biopsy studies show that it is gone by about 9 months. Nodules are usually collagen build up around excess or misplaced Sculptra particles. They usually show up in the first 3-6 months if they are going to happen. They all will go away on their own. Some doctors have reported injecting a low dose of methotrexate after attempts at subcision or mild steroids have failed. Surfery works well too if they are visible.

Again, diluting it correctly and having experience injecting it correctly is 90% of avoiding nodules in the first place. Like any product, it is the tool behind the tool that creates the problem.(ie. guns don't kill people, people kill people). Hope that helps and good luck.

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