Which is the Safest: Sculptra or LaViv or Juvederm?

Which is safer but at the same time, effective - juvederm or sculptra or la viv? My board certified surgeon has recommended sculptra but I have heard so many different reviews. This would be for the "marionette lines" and possibly the undereye area. Mary

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LaViv, Sculptra, And Juvederm Can Be "Safe"

Sculptra, LaViv, and Juvederm all can be safe, however side effects can occur.
LaViv was approved in June 2011 by the FDA for cosmetic use although it has been used in the past when it was called Isolagen.  The FDA forced Isolagen to do testing and safety reviews to be able to market and promote the treatment.  In 2011 the FDA approved LaViv for cosmetic use.  LaViv in FDA studies lasted for one year.  There are very rare hypersensitivity reactions.  My experience with Isolagen was very positive.
Sculptra has been used in Europe since 1999.  In the USA Sculptra has been used for reconstructive purposes since 2004, and has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in wrinkles since 2009.  Sculptra takes time to work and the results improve over a month or two.  The FDA found effectiveness at two years.  Side effects are usually related to bruising but granulomas and reactive lumps can occur.  The product should be injected deep and not into the skin.  My experience with Sculptra has been very positive.
Juvederm has immediate results, and is the most popular hyaluronic injection product.  The FDA found effectiveness for a year, although in some it will last longer and in others it will go away faster.  Repeat injections after a full correction of wrinkles will usually take fewer product as the body seems to build up some of its own collagen after Juvederm injections.  Side effects are usually bruising although rare lumps or reactive tissues can develop.  Juvederm can be reversed by using a dissolver such as Vitrasse.  My experince with Juvederm has been excellent.

For all of these treatments seek out an experienced and board certified practitioner.


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Depends on the underlying issue you'd like addressed...

for the marionette lines juvederm and sculptra are wonderful products...but you want to stay away from treating the undereye area with sculptra unless you the problem is the cheekbone under the eye where sculptra is superb...the LaViv is a bit of a hassle...you need a biopsy which is sent to the company...then they take 11-22 weeks to get the material ready and send it back to the doctor...then you need multiple treatments within a short time window...and after all of this it generally only lasts 6 months at best...so it'll never be very popular and would be my last choice

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