How Can I Correct Uneven Results from Sculptra?

I had Sculptra injections in October. An experienced physician did one side of my face and then taught others on the other side of my face. On that side especially, it looks as if I have a pocket of fluid under my skin and also the area looks almost black under the skin.

The sides are not even but I am hesitant to get additional injections because I was not happy with these results but I would like to know how to fix this. When I had the injections my face was bruised for almost 2 weeks.

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Return to an experienced physician for a recheck

The level at which the Sculptra is injected is very important to the result.

Bruising can be decreased by being sure that you have not taken any products than can cause bleeding such as aspirin, fish oils, and many vitamins.

If the Sculptra is irregular, it can be broken up with saline and a needle and massaged so it is more even with usually improvement.

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