Had sculptra done in cheeks been two day and i have extreme swelling. Normal?

Had sculptra done in the cheeks its been two days and i have extreme swelling. day two seems like its more swollen. i have been icing and massaging like i was told to do. how long will the swelling last? also did restylane in my nasolabial folds at the same time.

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Sculptra and swelling

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Sculptra is a fabulous product and adds volume to the mid face and has been termed the "liquid facelift".  Collagen is restored in the areas that are injected and has a natural effect that gradually makes you look younger.  It is normal to have swelling or bruising several days after injections of Sculptra and Restylane.  The swelling should resolve in a few days.  If you are concerned you should return to your treating physician for examination.

Swelling after Sculptra and Restylane

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It is not unusual that there could be some swelling still present 2 days after having Sculptra and Restylane injections. After a procedure, the swelling can get worse for the first few days but then it should begin to improve. Icing generally does help but only for the first few days. Keeping your head elevated when sleeping can also help. If you do not feel the swelling is beginning to go down after another day or two, I would contact the physician who treated you.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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