Getting Sculptra in Between Fraxel Treatments?

I am thinking of Sculptra as an adjuct treatment with Fraxel Re:store. However, which treatment should come first and how far apart in time between the two treatments I should wait?

Since Fraxel Re:store needs to be spaced out over several, say 3 treatments, can Sculptra top-up (also done over 2-3 treatments spaced between 6 weeks) be done in between Fraxel?

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Sculptra Injections Between Fraxel re:sotre Treatments

Hi T,

Perfectly fine to have Sculptra filler injections about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks after your Fraxel re:store treatments.

What are you going to do with such beautiful skin and suc a nicely contoured and volume restored face?

Be well.

Dr. P

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