If Sculptra is Not a Filler, but a Stimulator of Your Own Collagen, why People Complain About Unevenness?

Not lumps or bumps, but one cheekbone higher than the other..?

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Variability of Sculptra results depending on injector

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Sculptra is a bio-stimulator, but as you can imagine if it is injected unevenly, or asymmetrically, the amount of collagen stimulation and production can also be uneven and asymmetric.  

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Sculptra produces your own Collagen

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Sculptra is an excellent product and it is a biostimulator allowing the body to produce its own collagen.  It may be uneven because more product was used in one side than the other or  because more collagen was produced.  The unevenness can always be corrected with a follow-up visit.

Sculptra results are dependent on injector skill.

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The product works as it should IF it is injected properly and evenly, AND if the patient massages the treated areas properly to distribute the biostimulant as evenly as possible.

Some lumps may still occur as a result of small blood vessels that are inadvertently poked with the injector needle, and too much Sculptra in one spot may also cause nodularity. Massage also helps these things to settle, and the vast majority of treated patients have soft, natural, and gradually-appearing results.

More than one vial is generally recommended per session, and several sessions are usually best at 3-4 week intervals or until the desired degree of fullness is achieved.

Choice of injector, as with most skill and precision-related procedures, is critical to obtain the best outcomes. Plastic surgeons understand the facial anatomy the best, as we operate on these structures daily. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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