Can I Get Sculptra While Also Getting Ematrix?

I was wondering if I can get sculptra while also getting ematrix. Not necessarily during the same treatment session, but maybe a week apart. Thanks.

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Combining Sculptra with eMatrix treatments

In my office we combine Sculptra and eMatrix but recommend you wait a week between treatments. There should be no interaction between these two treatments as the eMatrix only penetrates to the dermis and Sculptra is injected much deeper, below the skin.



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Sculptra and eMatrix

You actually can combine Sculptra treatment and eMatrix on the same day/visit. Sculptra is injected much deeper under the skin then the eMatrix penetrates. Even fractionated carbon dioxide lasers (i.e. Fraxel and DeepFx) can be performed on the same day as Sculptra. I usually inject the Sculptra first (since it is mixed with lidocaine, an anesthetic) and then perform the laser treatment. This minimizes the number of nerve blocks (injections of anesthetic near nerve roots) that the patient has to have before having the laser procedure.

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