New Deep Smile Lines on Lower Face After Scupltra

A month ago, I had Sculptra performed as my face has become very thin with age. I only had one vial mainly into the cheeks. My cheeks look a lot plumper, which is nice, but when I smile, you can see thick new lines around my mouth and more laterally, as if the chubbier cheeks are now causing big smile lines on the lower part of my face. which still is quite thin. Does this sound like something that just need further injections on the lower part? Thanks for any replies.

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Scultpra and Deep Smile Lines

Sculptra is a gradual process taking several treatments at least one month apart.  It sounds like you need more injections and perhaps a combination of fillers like Juvederm or Restylane injected at the same times to correct your smile lines.  Please keep me posted with a photo of your progress.

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Restoring one facial area in the thin face is seldom sufficient

The problem you are having is usually due to the effect that you have had a good result from the Sculptra in a face that has generally lost volume.

Typically if we restore the cheeks, we will also restore the naso-labial folds as well as the edge of the lips so all is in harmony. If you do not plump out the central face, it will collide with the cheeks when the patient smiles.

You can be improved by additional fills.

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