Pain Relief for Chronic Nerve Pain Caused by Sculptra?

I have been trying to deal with chronic nerve pain from Sculptra injections. This surgeon, I could feel was wrestling to get the needle out by my upper cheekbone, then it migrated under my eyes.

I have tried prescription topicals Gabapentin 300 mg 3xs daily, stopped working within days. Surgeons who are considered to be very reputable will not remove due to an intense inflammatory reaction they have seen in prior cases. (the lumps on the nerves in the interior of my mouth & jaw can hopefully be removed by the Oral Surgeon).

Any medication ideas to stop the pain?

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Pain from Sculptra

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If you have neuralgia(nerve pain) then the nerve needs to be identified. Then it can be injected with kenalog (a steroid). It will reduce the inflammation and might help with pain.


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