Nasal Dripping After Sculptra in Cheeks

I had Sculptra last week, with only 2 ccs in each cheek. That night I had the worst post-op nasal drip of my life. Also I felt like my sinuses were draining water. It is possible that I pressed too hard when massaging my cheeks and I pressed the Sculptra into my sinuses? If so, can this hurt me? What if some went down my throat in the post nasal drip? Other than that, no side effects. Thanks.

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Nasal drip after Sculptra Injection

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It would be almost impossible to inject Sculptra into the nasal sinus (even if someone was trying). It would be even more impossible to massage the Sculptra and cause it to migrate (through the bone) into your sinus. More likely, this nasal dripping is completely unrelated and coincidental. If you are very swollen, than it is conceivable to feel discomfort similar to sinus pressure.

Sculptra in cheeks

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Sculptra is generally injected below the level of the skin when used for cheek augmentation. In order for the product to enter your sinuses it would have to travel through bone since the maxilla separates the maxillary sinus from the overlying soft tissue. It would be very odd for your post-nasal drip to be directly related to your Sculptra injections. I suggest you bring this up with the doctor who performed the injections. Good luck!

Elan B. Singer, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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