Had ArteFill 6 Months Ago, Can I Now Try Sculptra?

I had ArteFill about six months ago and didn't achieve the desired look in terms of fullness (upper cheeks). You really can't even tell I had anything injected. My dermatologist is recommending Sculptra. Can that be used over the ArteFill? I'm worried the Sculptra will clump over the ArteFill beads. Thanks.

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Sculptra after Artefill

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It would be helpful to know how many Artefill treatments you had.  Both Artefill and Sculptra are stimulatory agents that require multiple treatment sessions to gradually build up the area.  Most likely, the reason you did not see improvement with the Artefill is because you either didn't have enough used and/or did not have enough treatments.  But to answer your immediate question, you can have Sculptra placed into the same area.  Six months after the Artefill would be enough time before beginning the Sculptra, so you could do this anytime.  

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