Can Sculptra After 2 Weeks Be Further Diluted and Massaged into Other Areas?

I have recieved too much sculptra in the jaw 2 weeks ago, which makes my face very wide and masculine, while the hollows above in my cheeks are even more accentuated. The jaw is now wider than my cheeks, it looks horrible. Its 2 weeks ( I am very young and respond quick and strongly to minimal amounts). If the derm would inject more saline into the jaw and then massage it up to the hollows to spread it further away from the jaw, will it help? Or doing strong LPD/endormologie massage to flaten it

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Please return to your physician.

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I am assuming that your physician used proper techniques for injection of this agent. I am assuming that the agent was injected to the appropriate depth. I am assuming that sterile technique was used. Sculptra is classified as a biostimulatory agent. This means that the particles that are injected will stimulate migration and multiplication of cells called fibroblasts (in addition to other cells). Injection of dilute quantities of corticosteroids by an experienced physician can mitigate the effects of the Sculptra. 

Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

Jaw too wide after Sculptra injections at 2 weeks.

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At two weeks there should be no collagen building effect regardless of your age. At 2-4 months you will see some results. I have been a Sculptra trainer and user for 7 years, and this is very strange indeed. It would be interesting to see pre and post injection photos.

I don't think injecting saline will help, and massaging probably will not help at his time either. Although Sculptra takea a few months to volumize, it will last up to two years. If at 3-4 months your cheek still look too sunken in, I would have that area injected, which will reduce the appearance of your jaw.  

Too early for you to pass judgement on any Sculptra treatment at two weeks.

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Please be patient.

I have used and trained for Sculptra since it became available for HIV patients and then for cosmetic use.  I myself have had sculptra esthetic  and have given it to friends and family.

Even with this experience, I do not have a clue at two weeks as to how it will turn out at 4 months.  What you see now will change.

Massage is great initially, but at this time, just being patient should do the job.

Dr. Mayl

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

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