Sculptra Adverse Reactions, How Long Lasting and How to Rid?

I was told by doctor who supplied some pay for studies 2009 approval, very candidly, "get over it" "It" can last ten years, but who knows??? So now what please if anyone knows is there a cure for for fibrous suture material that has migrated?

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Migrated suture

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MsLead, Where is the suture material and how deep is it? If it is superficial it is possible that it can be pulled out with the tip of a needle through a small poke hole . Can you feel it? Can you see it? More information will help. 

Birmingham Dermatologist
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Sculptra nodule migration

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It may be able to excised. We would need to see a photograph. Also steroid injection or 5-fu injection may be helpful. 

Chris Thiagarajah, MD
Denver Oculoplastic Surgeon

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