Sculptra only to add volume but now turns saggy because of gravity?

I have done scrupltra once in 2 virals for 2 years. That was a horrible experience. No lifting but bruise and swell. Now I find my lower face has built volume since all the bruises and swelling gone and it appears I have a round saggy face. I would like to know why is this so? Besides, will any possibility that the scrupltra entered my lymph nodes and so i felt a big round but not hard numb grows underneath my skin on my lower left face? It has been there since 3 weeks after the scrupltra injection.

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Sculptra Complaint?

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Without pictures or an exam, it is difficult to give you sound medical advice. A lump or bump in the area of the injection may occur after a Sculptra injection. Massage usually helps minimize the lumps. Consult you doctor

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