Did my surgeon put my implant in far enough? Is it ok to have one breast over and the other under the muscle? (photo)

I Had my breast aug. almost 3mths ago..noticed my L implant was closer to my armpit and higher than my R before my 1mth checkup. I read about CC. Before my 2mth checkup up and he confirmed that it was CC. He prescribed me singular for 3 months. Ive been on the med for about 2wks. I was a 36B to a 36C silicone over the muscle. Anyway he could have placed the implant not far enough in to have caused this? And if I do get the left redone is it ok to go under the muscle with just the one side?

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Capsular Contracture Concern

Capsular contracture does not occur because of an implant being placed incorrectly. Placing one over and one under the muscle wouldn't be advised either. I recommend that you complete the course of Singular as advised by your Plastic Surgeon then follow up for further advice in person as they know your situation and history the best.
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Capsular contracture

It is unusual to get a capsular contracture that quickly. Probably more likely another issue. Always consider a second opinion.Good luck,

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It is difficult to comment without performing an exam or seeing photos. If the pocket is going to be changed, I would likely recommend both to be in the same pocket position,.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Capsular Contracture

Thank you for your question.I would follow your surgeon’s instructions and complete the 3 months of your prescription. After you have finished your script of Singular, I would have your surgeon re-assess your capsular contracture and decide then if a revision is necessary. I definitely wouldn’t recommend placing one implant under the muscle and one over. Your surgeon may want to perform a complete capsulectomy to create a new pocket and allow better shape of the breast. You may also want to consider breast massage and taking Vitamin E supplements to prevent another capsular contracture. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your recovery!

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Assymetry of breasts

it is impossible to answer without an examination. Capsular contracture unfortunately does occur, and is not surgeon error. Sometimes Singulair will help soften the capsular contracture. If unsuccessful, then a revision may be indicated. I do not recommend having the 2 implants in different pockets as they will look different. I would stay in touch with your surgeon, or get a second opinion to confirm the options for you to reassure yourself that the correct things are being done.

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From the photo it is hard to tell, but your right implant looks higher.  Capsular contracture can slowly tighten an implant pocket and make the breasts asymmetric.  It usually takes some time to occur.  If you did get another operation, placing just one implant under the muscle and leaving one above might be a setup for future asymmetry.

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